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Pipefreezing & Shrink Fitting
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Pipefreezing & Shrink Fitting


IPS has vast experience in providing non-invasive pipe work isolation that allows capital or inline pipe maintenance to be completed without the need to drain pipework systems, refill and re-vent or indeed store liquids.

Pipefreezing, using liquid nitrogen for temporary line flow stopping, offers the most cost effective way to achieve pipe isolation for valve replacement and general non-intrusive pipework modifications.

Pipefreezing eliminates the time and cost of drain downs, chemical waste removal and refilling. New pipe work, plant or equipment can be pressure tested in situ by isolation, saving further delays and expense.

Any building or plant with pipework containing a wide range of liquids will potentially require maintenance. Temporary line flow stopping through liquid nitrogen pipefreezing can be used on the majority of pipe work materials. Pipefreezing jackets up to 600mm form part of our standard equipment range and other sizes can be manufactured as required in our workshop.

Shrink Fitting
Using our onsite liquid nitrogen we also offer shrink fitting.  Where components have extremely tight tolerances shrink fitting is ideal to get elements to fit without damage or stress.

Placing one component into liquid nitrogen causes thermal contraction, fractionally reducing its dimensions and enabling us to fit tight tolerance elements together.


To discuss your specific requirements for pipefreezing or shrink fitting call us now on 0800 037 0377

Recent Projects

Recent Projects

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"I can say on behalf of ourselves and our Client at the London Bridge Hospital, that your site staff did a magnificent hassle free job and we and they were very pleased with the end product."M&P Fire Protection