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Hot Tapping in Swindon


The Patheon Building in Swindon is a centre of excellence for the production of specialty pharma solutions. It provides extensive dedicated suites for the development of sterile dosage forms.
These facilities are extremely temperature sensitive and include sterile working conditions. Any changes can have significant implications on production.
Megan Mechanical were working on-site to provide an extension to the existing plant which required supplementary chilled water access, but without any connection available in the infrastructure.  IPS were called in to carry out 2 x 80mm hot taps to the chilled water mains to allow Megan to run a new 80mm main to the new equipment.
A good head for heights was needs as all work was carried out using MEWPS (mobile elevated working platforms) as the work was 6m above the floor level.
The project was completed within the time constraints to the high satisfaction of all. 


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"Steve at IPS provides us with a great service. The team know exactly what they are doing and are no comparison to other companies. Highly recommended."Imtech