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Probe Insertion at 3 Shortlands for E&B Group icon

Probe Insertion at 3 Shortlands for E&B Group


3 Shortlands is a prominent headquarter office located on the Hammersmith Road with several floors let over for high quality serviced offices.

Recently purchased by property developers Romulus, the 10 storey building is undergoing an extensive refurbishment to increase the floorplate.

Working for Principal Contractors E&B Group, IPS were called out to assist with hot tapping and subsequent probe insertions as part of commissioning works for a new BMS control system.

The only alternative to hot tapping would have been draining down the LTHW and chilled water systems for all 10 storeys, which as the building was still part occupied was not a viable option.

The work was carried out in 8 hours with three hot taps in the roof top boiler house and two further taps in the basement chiller plant room.


Pipefreezing at Sussex University

IPS pipe freezing at Sussex University

Hot Tapping in Horsham

Hot tapping in west horsham county council offices by IPS Pipefreezing for Polar Planets


"A thoroughly professional job from start to finish. We have no hesitation in using and recommending your services in the future."Gratte Brothers