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Pipefreezing at the Museum of London icon

Pipefreezing at the Museum of London

IPS Pipefreezing Museum Of London

The Museum of London may display the history of this great city in its galleries but a lot goes on behind the scenes in its basements.

We  found out when we were called in by Cofely Projects, via Epic Pipework, to assist in repairs to damaged pipework.

Working over the weekend we froze a 150mm heating main in a very confined space in an old undercroft. Arriving on early on the Saturday the ambient temperature was too high to complete the freeze. All contractors had to return without complaint on the Sunday to successfully complete the project and to minimise the impact of the gallery environment.


Divers at Camden Lock

Our site next to Camden Lock

Pipefreezing for Manufacturing

pipefreezing 150mm cooling water mains


"I can say on behalf of ourselves and our Client at the London Bridge Hospital, that your site staff did a magnificent hassle free job and we and they were very pleased with the end product."M&P Fire Protection