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National Power Cable Freezing 30 Years

National Power Cable Freezing

Pipefreezing_IPS_ JSMGroup

It’s not every day we get invited to freeze a power cable, particularly a cable carrying 33kilo volts of power, which would leave the local residents without power.

We were called out by JSM Group, a national Utlity Contractor working for UK Power Networks. They were repairing a leak to the HV cable not far from our head office in Wimbledon.

Carrying 33 kilovolts of power, the cable is insulated by fluid. A drop in pressure had alerted UK Power Networks to the leak.

Initially we put in place one freeze to the 2 ½“ diameter cable, which allowed UKPN to identify whether the leak was up or downstream of our freeze. A second freeze then further isolated the location, allowing JSM to use existing in-situ isolation valves to make the repair.

Luckily the site was on the local allotments which made a very a nice change to be outside on one of the best days of the year. Our work was carried out on site within the day and the lights in Wimbledon carried on shining.


University of Warwick

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Divers at Camden Lock

Our site next to Camden Lock


We always choose to work with IPS before all others. They are the only ones who consistently provide best service.E&B Group Ltd