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Line Stopping at Heathrow
Line Stopping at Heathrow icon

Line Stopping at Heathrow


First built in 1961 Heathrow Terminal 3 has undergone many stages of construction and refurbishment, leaving some of the pipework without local isolation valves.

Electrical & mechanical contractors Target Site Services appointed us to carry out the freezing of the hot and cold water mains which necessitated a line stop to the 28mm copper hot water return pipework to create the right conditions for us to freeze.

This work was necessary to gain local control of the domestic mains with isolation valves.

We bolted on a line-stop tee, then carried out a line-stop. Having stopped the hot water circulation, the pipework was able to cool down sufficiently to be able to freeze the pipe and carry out the pipework modifications, crimping in new isolation valves, giving control of the area downstream from the new valves.

Our work was completed on site in under 5 hours.


Pipefreezing at Sussex University

IPS pipe freezing at Sussex University

Pipefreezing at the Museum of London

IPS Pipefreezing Museum Of London


"I can say on behalf of ourselves and our Client at the London Bridge Hospital, that your site staff did a magnificent hassle free job and we and they were very pleased with the end product."M&P Fire Protection