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Hot Tapping at London Bridge Hospital icon

Hot Tapping at London Bridge Hospital

IPS Hot Tapping at London Bridge Hospital

IPS were called in by M&P Fire Protection in order to urgently restore the water supply to the sprinkler system servicing London Bridge Hospital.

Repairs to the sprinkler system were scheduled to take place but unfortunately Thames Water had been unable to locate the stopcock and isolate the supply for the Towns main feed. Located in a distant undercroft, we carried out an under pressure break-in to the 159mm fire main, in order to isolate the supply and allow repairs to take place.

Initially we were expecting a steel main but with the lagging removed this revealed copper, so our planned freeze was replaced by a hot tap.

Luckily we come to each job fully equipped and so work was able to proceed with an under pressure clamp to the copper without delay to create a 4” (100mm) live branch connection.


“Working with IPS was quite amazing. They all rocked up on time and with all the kit they needed. They were exceptionally good and it was a superb job.”

National Power Cable Freezing

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Divers at Camden Lock

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"I can say on behalf of ourselves and our Client at the London Bridge Hospital, that your site staff did a magnificent hassle free job and we and they were very pleased with the end product."M&P Fire Protection