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Divers at Camden Lock 30 Years

Divers at Camden Lock

Our site next to Camden Lock

It was a very different experience for us when we recently attending a job at Camden Lock for JSM Group.

New building work had uncovered a 900mm pipe that was thought to be an overflow from the adjacent lock basin. This pipe needed sealing and cutting off to allow piling works to continue, as the pipe was holding up construction works. The concern was whether the whole canal would start to flow out if the apparently unused pipe was not what it first seemed.

Working at depth we cold cut out a section of the pipe and installed a hot tap to measure how far up the excavation the water would flood. With this information we arranged for divers to take over and to install a sealing bung into the cut main. Once sealed the end of the pipe was doubly sealed with an end plate to allow construction work to continue. 

Problem solved and the pipe was soon capped off allowing work to continue and we didnt have to get our feet wet!

Working on the 900mm piipe Kitting up the divers

University of Warwick

Warwick University_1

Probe Insertion at 3 Shortlands for E&B Group


"We would like to thank you for an excellent job this morning at Kings College Hospital. We will definitely be in touch."P R Hemingway